Code of Ethics

Ethical Principles:

Banco Indusval S.A. ethical principles are guided by honesty and integrity and must be shared by all levels in the Company and evidenced by transparency in all its actions, conduct, business and relationships to ensure high credibility and to sustain a solid reputation.

The Company’s basic principle is the respect for the laws originated in all spheres (municipal, state, federal and international), in all regions it operates, respecting the local characteristics and cultures and establishing transparent and friendly relationships. The Companies norms and policies should always be harmonized with the legal framework to preserve the legality of its operations, its credibility and transparency.

Indusval companies aims at offering high quality services and financial products based on efficiency, professional conduct, respect, seriousness and integrity mainly focused on the safety and success of its customers. Therefore, Indusval companies constantly improve and daily reinforces its Code of Ethics.

Rules of Conduct:

The following Rules of Conduct to guide the professional behavior of all the employees of the companies carrying Indusval name are an integral part of its Code of Ethics.

Be disciplined:

  • Carry your duties out with integrity and professionalism;
  • Maintain a secure and clean workspace;
  • Communicate, document and fulfill the Institution’s previously authorized commitments and comply with the legal requirements;
  • Plan, implement and monitor your projects;
  • Always be attentive to details.

Avoid risks:

  • Avoid conflicts of interest and other questionable practices: identify transactions involving relatives, partners, creditors and suppliers of the Institution;
  • Protect the Institution from involvement in any illegal operation;
  • Keep internal information confidential. Protect information assets from loss, falsification, access by unauthorized parties, fraud, theft, espionage or destruction;
  • Avoid situations in which personal interests interfere in transactions with clients or suppliers;
  • Make use of the Institution’s security measures, such as telephone recordings, security cameras, e-mail access control, as well as the segregation of operations and functions;
  • Do not guarantee or induce the customer to believe that the Institution guarantees the future performance of investments;
  • Report and encourage colleagues to report any situations that pose possible risks to the Institution.

Aim at quality and results

  • Take responsibilities;
  • Discuss and solve problems in a constructive manner;
  • Be impartial when making professional decisions;
  • Seek high quality and excellence in performing your professional duties;
  • Ensure that professional development is a continuous process.

Build a positive work environment

  • Be direct and accessible in the relationship with your colleagues, subordinates and managers;
  • Recognize and spread good work practices;
  • Promote commitment, involvement and respect in teamwork;
  • Be friendly, polite and helpful in your relationships;
  • Keep your work environment healthy, safe and productive by respecting health and labor safety rules.